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Endocrine Game

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Check it out!

A Script to Automate GitLab Branding

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Previously, I had to perform my branding changes to the GitLab interface more or less manually with every GitLab update. Now, I have a nifty script to do that for me! Check it out.

Certificate Changes

StartCOM and StartSSL certificates were recently distrusted by major browsers after being acquired by WoSign. Since I had been using their free certificate services for some time, that required a change. All my domains now use certificates from the Let’s Encrypt project. This also brings back online (since it had been unusable after the … Continued

Certificate Issues with

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Update: now fixed My GitLab server is currently only accessible through users of the Chrome browser. Apparently when I reissued the certificate, I made an error. I apologize for the downtime; I’ve been busy the past few weeks and thought I might have had a chance to look at it by now. Hopefully in two … Continued

Saran Wrap Ball Party Game

This isn’t related to really anything else on this site, but I just hosted a party and found this really fun Saran Wrap party game. Basically, you make a ball out of many layers of Saran Wrap, putting underneath a layer every so often. As you make it, it seems like it will never work, … Continued Updated is now updated to fix an error in its programming. Previously, the random number generator was seeded with the sum of the year, month, and day (as numerals). This meant that each month, most days would repeat the squiggles displayed one day less than one month before. now seeds the random number generator … Continued

Marching Band Synthesizer Carts

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Introduction What follows is a procedure for building wooden synthesizer carts for use in indoor and outdoor performance ensembles. The final products are painted carts with large pneumatic tires for outdoor use. The carts are overall 5′ long (holding almost all synthesizers), 2′ deep (fitting through standard doorways), and elevate the keyboard to a height … Continued


Baritones is a somewhat insane but cool-sounding symphony for twelve players. Download the score from

Zim Work Tracker

I sometime use Zim to keep track of a project and who puts in how many minutes of work on what days. It would be nice to generate statistics that show how much work was done, by who, and when. Naturally a spreadsheet comes to mind, but if I’ve already typed this information into Zim, … Continued