Website Policies


I spend a lot of time researching the projects I share here. However, I cannot assume any responsibility for the effects of following my suggestions.

Also, articles describing what I have done to solve a specific problem make no attempt to assert that that is the best solution. I try to give my reasons for selecting a specific solution, but everyone has different needs. Evaluate your own requirements and then sort through the options to find a suitable choice.


Like most servers, this web server keeps logs. The web server keeps standard Apache logs for four weeks, after which they are discarded. These logs include IP address, as well as the request made.

Additionally, this site uses the statistics plugin WP Statistics, but only to track page hits and the number of users currently online (judged by if they have viewed a page in the last two minutes). No other information is recorded.


You can verify the data you have came from me, if you want. Or just trust the SSL certificate.

Copyright and Licensing

All text and media (images, videos, music, etc) on this site is my original work and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, unless otherwise noted. Content from other sources is denoted as such in the page and I make no claims to ownership.

Please consult the README and LICENSE files within each project’s repository.

Some projects may lack licensing information when first uploaded. Please be patient (or contact me if you need to use something now). All rights are retained by myself until a license has been picked.

Special Circumstances

If you want to use something I made outside the permissions of it’s current license, feel free to contact me.