Wild Plant ID

Since 2017, I have been doing volunteer work as the main developer for Wild Plant ID, a free iOS application that aids users in identifying wild plants in the Euclid Creek Watershed (located in Ohio). The app aims to help introduce newcomers to the study of wild plants and to serve as a field tool for the Friends of Euclid Creek Watershed as they perform conservation work in the watershed.

After the previous developers moved on to other commitments, Brian Gilbert, the app’s designer, was seeking someone with coding skills to continue the project. After teaching myself the basics of iOS development, I took the existing prototype app, eliminated bugs, added new features, and moved the project through the process of App Store submission and release.

With the app now on the App Store, we hope to continue adding new features and bringing the app to a larger audience. We also hope to find other developers with an interest in continuing and expanding the project.

Find WildPlantID on the iOS App Store.

WildPlantID home screen
the first page of the plant identification process
the app's display during the process of plant identification
the app showing details of the Dusty Goldenrod plant
the listing of all plants in the app's database
the app's built-in instructions