Internet Connected Lamps

As a Christmas gift for my sister, I made a pair of Wi-Fi-connected color-changing lamps. When one of us touches our lamp, both lamps change to the same color simulatenously. The lamps provide a simple way for my sister and I to let each other know that we are thinking of each other, despite being physically far away.

Each lamp controlled by a Particle Photon, a small IoT development board. The circuitry and enclosure are custom-made. I took ideas and used some code from John Harrison, who created a similar project, and the rest of the code is also custom.

I’d like to thank the staff and student workers of the Sears Undergraduate Design Lab and Think[box], without whom I could not have built most of this project. My friends and family were also invaluable for their encouragement and suggestions. All of these people provided many ideas that became part of the final product, and many of the parts were built with their help.

the lamps on a desk